Reviewdelhi February 27, 2018

Having a furry baby is a true blessing in life and nothing can ever compare to the happiness that your little companion brings to you. If you have a non human friend staying within your house,these situations can easily be understood by you –

1)You are used to have someone follow you around – someone follows you around the house,all the time,like a,puppy? No matter where you go and why you go {Pick up a snack,Get your charger,switch on the TV} your pooch would make sure it comes and catches up.

2)You can’t eat a single thing without your pet making you feel guilty about it – Even if they are done with their breakfast,lunch,dinner,chappal-snack,rodent-snack,grass-snack,old toy snack,they’ll look deep in your eyes and tell you how much they want that cookie you’re eating. We know the literal meaning of puppy eyes,and they are way,way more deadly than the human imitation.

3)You know EXACTLY what your pet wants – Just after a couple of weeks of knowing them,we easily understand their behaviour. We know just when are they asking to for a walk,a belly rub,or just some good old harmless pampering.

4)Every time you pass a pet shop you think about buying something for your pet– Oh the leash my pet has in three colours already! But I think she needs a green one too! Oh oh and these meat chips for her as a snack.. and these bones.. and this bowl..

5)You are extremely protective of your pet – Pet my baby as much as you like,but no clicking selfies coz nazar lag jayegi.

6)She’s not your pet,she’s like a sibling – You mention her name everytime you think of a family vacation,while shifting homes you always consider whether there will be enough space for her in the house or a park nearby. Yes,they form a part of our major decisions.

7)You can hear anything about yourself,but if someone insults your pet,boy they are in trouble – you can tolerate almost anything against yourself,but when someone tries to talk shit about your pet,your caveman instincts start to resurface. Apologise to my pet RIGHT NOW or bear the brunt of my spade.

8)You find everything they do adorable – When they stare at the television,when they bark at kaam wali aunty when she comes with the jhaadu,when they eat away all your beautiful marigold flowers,all you can do is aww. Awwwwww.

9)Whenever you go out of town,you HAVE to stay updated about your pet – Khaana Khaya? Potty kari? Walk pe gayi!? Uske liye AC on hai? I hope her bed is clean? Is her water bowl sparkling? Is her coat brushed? You annoy the crap out of your family with your questions,but you absolutely need to know what your baby pet is doing.

10.) You can’t imagine your life without them – Everytime the thought that they might not be here forever hits you,you brush it away instantly because it makes you sad. They are an integral part of our lives,and if we could transfer a few extra years from our own life to theirs,we gladly would.


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