Reviewdelhi February 27, 2018

Be it the weekend,or a time for celebration, some girls are always up for a great cocktail,a few shots,or maybe just something straight out of the bottle.
We absolutely love to have a great time but there are some things that we hear which annoy us,so,so much! I’m sure you’ll be nodding in agreement while going through this list –

1) “OMG you drink? Wow a GIRL who drinks! ” – This remark comes mostly from people who aren’t used to girls chugging down alcohol at a lightening fast speed around them. It’s a very exciting thing for them to know a girl who drinks . Okay,seriously?

2) “OMG you’re a woman,HOW can you drink?” – A more annoying version of the above question. You pick up a drink,bring it to your lips. Tada! That’s how we drink. And also,if alcohol would have preferred to be consumed by a specific gender,wouldn’t it be printed on the bottle!?

3) “So You’d Like A Cosmo Or what?” – Yeah because it’s pink or because it’s a tad bit sweet? I mean yes a cosmopolitan is great but when someone has this pre conceived notion about which drinks ALL women love,it’s really annoying!

4) “So your parents know you drink?”- Thank you for the blatant show of curiosity but none of your business!

5) “OMG Are you sure you’ll have beer?” – Umm yess coz it’s amazing.It’s fizzy,it’s cooling,it’s refreshing,there are endless variants to choose from and laughter always goes well with beer.

6) “Are you drunk?” – The question that comes after one sip,one glass,one pint. Everyone has different saturation points but honestly,no one really gets drunk on half a glass of beer. Please lower your expectations.

7) “Isn’t it weird drinking alone?” – Well,No. Just like men like to sit and hold their drink for a long time,we too devour ours with solitude sometimes. And in fact,with Bailey’s Irish Cream we prefer drinking alone partly because I dont want anyone to even take a sip from my Bailey’s. (Yumm)

8) “Whiskey? Impressive” – Yes because drinking whisky is such a Herculean task and requires a great amount of emotional preparation as opposed to just having a certain preference and paying for it. I’m all for compliments on my taste,but just because I’m having a drink which is supposed to be a ‘man’s Favourite’ according to some people doesn’t make me impressive.

9) “It’s not good for your health” – Just like it’s not good for the health of millions of men out there. Liver Cirrhosis doesn’t discriminate,you know. Also,we have a word called ‘moderation’ in our dictionary.

10) “Are you suffering from a heartbreak?” – Well that might be the most ‘projected reason’ about why women love to drink but it’s far from reality. We drink to celebrate,to have a good time,to enjoy the alcohol’s taste. Basically for any bloody reason.
But I’m so glad we’re living in this day and age where we can do whatever we want but still if someone has this urge to show a sexist side to them we totally don’t care about what they think. Let’s raise a toast to all the ladies who are who they want be and do what they want to do despite some egocentric misogynistic elements in our society.
What a time to be alive!

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