Reviewdelhi December 7, 2017

 Former US President, Barrack Obama, conducted a townhall in Delhi on 1 December at 3:45 pm IST  where he interacted with 280 youth leaders selected from all over the country.

The townhall was organised by the Obama Foundation and was livestreamed on Obama Foundation’s official website.
The young leaders included Trisha Shetty, who is the founder of She Says , Akkai Padmashai who is a transgender activist, Harish Iyer who is an activist, Gurmerhar Kaur who is a free speech activist amongst others.

Sometimes of the key highlights from the event were

When Akkai Padmashai told Obama that She is  a Criminal before section 377 and how should She raise her voice against this, he replied “It begins with what you just did . To find your voice”.

Obama Says technology can isolate people.He talked about the power of  meeting and conversing with people outside and said that the Obama Foundation allows you to do that

He also said “technology cannot replace teachers”.

He also talked about India and US overcoming Colonialism.

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