Reviewdelhi December 18, 2017

The winter chill is back in Delhi. It’s the perfect time to try the lip smacking food that the city of foodies has to offer.

We bring you the mouthwatering food that makes the season more enjoyable.

1.Gajar ka Halwa-This one has been an age old companion of winter in every Delhi household.Made with carrots,ghee,sugar and dry fruits, Gajar ka halwa or Gajrela is made in every home and can be found in every eatery in Delhi.
If you want to get innovativ with this  delicious dessert, you should definitely try the white gajar ka halwa! You read it right! Just head to chitli qabar in old Delhi and enjoy the unusual delicacy.You will not be able to stop at just one serving.

Delhi winter food

2.Gulab Jamun-Another mithai which is loved by all is the gulab jamun immersed in sweet sugary syrup.A plate of warm gulab jamun in this weather is an experience you should not miss.

Delhi winter food

3. Samosas-hot piping samosa-hot served with sweet red and spicy green chutney coupled with a cup of hot chai is a combination that should not be missed in winters.

Delhi winter food

4.Choley Bhature-Winter is the season when taking in a few extra calories should not be a problem.After all, who would mind some sinful, heavy bhature-Chole for breakfast.

Delhi winter food

5.Sarson ka Saag– Winters are incomplete without Sarson ka Saag served with Makki ki roti and dollops of butter.Many restaurants in Delhi serve Saag with Makki ki roti but nothing beats the home cooked version.

6.Daulat ki Chaat-Sold in the bylanes of Old Delhi, this frothy dessert made by whisking milk overnight and keeping it under moonlight, has caught the attention of foodies.Its light on the tongue and pocket and different from any other dessert one would have ever had .Its available only during winters and should definitely not be missed.

Delhi winter food

7.Nihari-Served for breakfast in many areas of Old Delhi, the meet in the mouth Nihari with some roomali roti makes for a great Sunday Breakfast on a Cold winter morning.

8.Gajak-The dry,sweet and crumbly delicacy comes in so many different flavours.There are til, peanut, jaggery and many more varieties to choose from.Just a quick bite with tea or after  a meal, it is sure to  satiate your sweet tooth.

9.Kulhad Tea- Tea is synonymous with winters.Tea is not restricted to just black tea or milk tea anymore.Eateries across the city have added interesting variations to the humble beverage like the badaam tea, jaggery tea, elaichi and ginger tea, giving the tea lovers more reasons to rejoice

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