Reviewdelhi October 22, 2017

Jab Harry Met Sejal

Starcast: Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma

Director – Imtiaz Ali



The film starts with  SRK who plays Harinder Singh Nehra aka Harry, a tourist guide in Europe taking a group of visitors on a tour, with the song safar playing in the background.Anushka who plays Sejal, a Gujarati girl from an upper middle class family on a Europe tour, has lost her engagement ring  and decides to stay back to find it, hiring Harry as a guide for the job much against his will.Harry has  his past troubling him which has not been explored much in the film.He has had several flings but has not found true love and suffers from a sense of loneliness and longing.Sejal on the other hand is a quirky and confused woman.In the quest to find the ring, the two move from one country to another and love blossoms between them.Sejal provides the comfort and escape to Harry’s restlessness. The pair has flirtatious exchanges and  talks on love and intimacy but are aware that they don’t have a future together. Like any other Imtiaz film, the  two are actually seeking each other and their ownselves and not the ring.

The first half of the film is smooth and entertaining.The second half  drags itself and is repetitive with Harry holding back his love everytime.The songs have been forced in the film but nevertheless, are a treat to hear,thanks to Irshad Kamil’s lyrics and Pritam’s composition.The tracks Parinda, Hawayein and Jeeve Soniya are sure to stay with you long after the film is over.

SRK  pulls off the punjabi accent well and has done justice to his character. Anushka doesnot look as effortless and at times comes across as silly when trying to act cute.

The film is a wasted opportunity for Imtiaz Ali.The protagonist staying back for a lost ring sets a weak foundation of the film.There should have been a stronger reason for her to do so.Also, the concept of self discovery and healing has been done too many times in Imtiaz’s films and has become monotonous.

The movie has got a great Star cast, exquisite locations, good songs. A better storyline and execution could have made it into a blockbuster.

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