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Online Nurseries are a big hit among people who have a green thumb attached to their palm. You can shop from the comfort of your home, compare prices of hundreds of plants together and compare prices of different portals to make the most pocket friendly choice. Like every other form of online shopping, there’s one apprehension even people shopping for plants and gardening goods face – what’s the assurance of quality? To make the choice easier for you, we are reviewing today an online Plant nursery known as ‘Leafium’.

Leafium nursery review

First Impressions 

Leafium is a start up based in Gurgaon. Though their online plant collection isn’t as large as some of the other portals, their prices are much cheaper than what we found on some other online nurseries. Of course, some plants can be cheaper on other online platforms – I added all my desired plants  to the cart in all online portals and the lowest bill came at Leafium – hence I went ahead and bought the plants.  There’s a good variety of plants – especially indoor plants.

Through their website, you can also hire a gardener. They have grouped plants in various categories – indoor,outdoor,medicinal etc to help you navigate through their website.

Product Quality 

I was thoroughly impressed by the plants Leafium sent home. All came in good health, either in plastic bags or in Earthen pots. I could also get all other plants in Earthen pots by paying a minimal extra amount for the pots. Other than the basic pots, they also have decorative pots in the pots section.


We got a call one day in advance to confirm my availability to receive the product, and then a few hours before the delivery arrived. The delivery arrived at my convenient time. All the plants were transported carefully – except for the China Palm which had slight brown edges due to exposure to heat but we think that’s okay because it’s so hot and summery. Besides that, everything was done well.


Overall the our experience with Leafium was great. They had great products, great prices and great customer service. Not only will we order again, we’ll also recommend you guys to shop from here. If you’re a first time shopper, go with the Areca Palm,Peace Lilly and Draceanea. They are absolutely beautiful and really easy to take care of. Happy plant shopping!

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