Reviewdelhi December 16, 2017

LG Electronics has launched its latest line of Linear Top-Freezer refrigerators with Inverter Linear Compressor technology .The technology makes use of LG’s Linear Cooling system to ensure optimal level of freshness for food to boost  its tastes, texture and longetivity by providing excellent Cooling and maintaining temperature consistency.

Michelin Starred Chef Vikas Khanna was present at the launch.He spoke about the importance of  fresh ingredients and the need for such technology that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer time.Chef Vikas also prepared a quick millet salad in front of  those present at the launch.

Speaking about LG’s new line of Linear Top-Freeze refrigerators, he said “It is a proud moment for me to associate with brand LG that is known for bringing qualitative offerings to consumers across categories.The innovativene Linear Top-Freezer range has a plethora of features that ensure freshness of food items and reiterates the need for healthy living.The technology of LG refrigerators ensures that food retains its  freshness for long.”

Some key features of Linear Top Freezer Refrigerators are :- 

  • Maintaining Peak Freshness

The Inverter Linear Compressor ensure that vegetables remain crisp, fruits remain fresh and meat remains delicious by making use of advanced Linear Cooling to provide automatic temperature control.The LG refrigerator’s Door Cooling  system provides steady airflow, delivering superior freshness and taste.

  • Promise of Maximum Efficiency

The technology ensures lower energy consumption and less noise output while providing greater reliabilility and durability due to the Linear piston drive it employs.LG’s inverter Compressor comes with a warranty of 10 years and is able to operate without complications for upfo 20 years ,according to a review by the German Scientific and technical association Verband der Elektrotechnik Information(VDE).

At the event, Me.Youngnam Toh, Director -Home Appliance & Air Conditioners said “We have worked hard to ensure that our Linear Top-freezer refrigerators provide consumers the utmost convenience while keeping food fresh and delicious for longer periods of  time.Carefully considering and catering to user needs has driven LG’s rise to its prominent position as a leader in the global home appliance industry”.

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