Reviewdelhi November 14, 2017

Casaa De Ouro by Dolly Nagpal proudly unveiled her Winter/Festive Collection 2017, Noor-E-Izdihar at the biggest fashion extravaganza, Asian Designer Week in association with Vaatsaalyaa Charitable Trust for Education on November 4th and 5th 2017 in the heart of South Delhi, at the Garden of Five Senses.

Focused on the enriching eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, the collection Noor-E-Izdihar By Casaa De Ouro is a reflection of a flourishing light, inspired by Persian motive and architecture displayed beautifully in the design and embroidery of the ensembles. A perfect balance between the modern persona and traditional style, the embroidery show patterns influenced by the mother nature and other life forms around us. Noor-E-Izdihar is a fusion wear collection with touch of royal colors such as, emerald green, yellow ochre, maroon and many more, enhanced with beautiful motives by royal antique and modern silhouettes.

Dolly Nagpal known for her exclusive style reflects fashion in its closest form, building a bridge between fashion and nature itself. The vision behind the collection is to allow the strong, modern woman find comfort and passion at the same time as the ensembles are made for dual purpose and can be used for both, contemporary and trousseau wear. 

The drapes and silhouette of Noor-E-Izdihar enhances the aura of a woman, a beautiful art form reflecting the richness and regality. The embroidery lends buoyancy and royalty with antique textile crafts like Zari, Tohri, Metal Sequence and Cutdana embroidery.

Casaa De Ouro had partnered with Firdauz Jewellry and was vastly appreciated as Sonalika Sahay walked the ramp as the showstopper with magical touch given be celebrity make-up artist, Gursewak Singh.

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