Reviewdelhi February 27, 2018

Castor Oil, or more commonly known as ‘Arandi Tel’ in India, has been mentioned in the ancient texts of Ayurveda. Castor Oil Benefits were known to our ancestors and find mention in several ancient medical scriptures. With it’s benefits ranging from pain alleviation to beauty enhancing properties,castor oil is one thing every person wanting to shift towards a plant based beauty regime should have in their beauty closet. From giving you beautiful skin to helping you ahem clean your colon,castor oil does it all.
When I found Phalange Pure & Sure Organic Castor Oil online,I added it to my cart in a heartbeat. Something that has been mentioned in Ayurveda,and it’s Organic,how could I resist?
Priced at just 98 Rupees for 250ml, it’s probably one of the cheapest skincare investment ever. Additionally,the packaging says the oil is cold pressed,which leaves the toxic Ricin in the seed,hence it’s ideal for your skin and hair.
It smells pungent and bitter,and has a VERY viscous texture. I would suggest mixing it with another oil when applying to hair,otherwise washing it out would be a task.
I’ve been using it on my skin and the effects are instant. Every morning my skin is brighter,and looks more dewy. Castor Oil is also great for your Eyebrows and Eyelashes,and is also the favourite cure of every grandmother for treating ahem constipation.
According to me,it’s a product worth buying and can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of benefits. How are you going to use it?

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