Reviewdelhi October 27, 2017

Starvin Marvin is a late night food delivery service with their outlets located in Jasola, Alaknanda and Greater Kailash -1. With Starvin Marvin, your dinner and late night food pangs are taken care of as they  deliver from 8 pm till 4 am.We ordered a mac and cheese, veg lasagne and mud pie.

The food was delivered on time and was neatly packed in double layers.

 The Vegetarian​ lasagna had lots of vegetables layered within the pasta sheets and was very cheesey.

The mac n cheese had, again, loads of cheese. It’s the kind of Mac and cheese you’d like to eat with a group of friends as it is quite heavy and filling.

The mudpie was crumbly on the outside and soft and chocolatey on the inside.

Despite it being a late night delivery outlet, Starvin Marvin has really affordable food. Their menu consists of a large number of “space bites”, burgers, Sandwiches, Pastas, Pizzas, Wraps, Hot Dogs, Desserts and Beverages.

In case you would prefer a bit more cheese in this or a bit more dip with that, you can request for Add ons which are also quite affordably priced.

Overall, this place is one of the few late night delivery outlets that serve affordable yet delicious food at the hours all of us Late Sleepers and Early risers are awake. If you’ve got a craving that simply can’t wait for the next morning, add Starvin Marvin to your speedial.

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