Reviewdelhi December 20, 2017

Yes people – it exists. A gajar ka halwa without the rich red colour. 

While the description may not seem the most appropriately appetizing, it definitely is one of the tastiest winter desserts we’ve tried in a while. It’s available in the streets of Old Delhi near Jama Masjid Gate number 2 and is definitely something that would want us to keep going back for more (along with some Shahi Tukda at the Nearby Cool Point). 

While the taste and texture are discussed later, one question we ALWAYS get is – but what is it made of? We’ve got crazy guesses which include dehydrated and white coloured carrots to radishes! But no, the answer is nearly nowhere as wild. 

We got the answer at Jashn-e-Rekhta where there was  a  stall serving exclusive old Delhi desserts. The man behind the counter at his stall in Jashn-e-Rektha’s food court answered out question “How is this White” by just one gesture – he showed us the ingredient.

Turns out, that this gajar ka halwa is indeed made up of a white carrot. It looks exactly like the normal red carrot in terms of thickness and texture, but only differs in colour. You’re not the only one who did not know before that white carrot existed! 

We hope this answered your query – WHAT is this White Gajar Ka Halwa Made Up Of? 

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