Reviewdelhi February 27, 2018

Delhiites are proud about their food,their big hearts,and their Sarojini Nagar. It is the paradise for every budget shopper who wishes to look runway ready everyday of their life without burning a hole in their pocket.

1)It has the best thelas ever – There are tables/carts/mattresses full of heaps of clothes that you have to go through to find your perfect shirt. But chances are,you’ll end up buying most of what you picked.

2)The shops and showrooms too have amazing options – Most Sarojini Shoppers stick to the thelas,however if you prefer to shop in an air-conditioned place with clothes neatly stacked,Sarojini Nagar has places like Incense and BigC too,where you can get crisp,neat new clothes.

3)You can hog while you shop! – Momos,Pao Bhaji,Juice,Milk shakes,Idli,Chowmein all are available at every corner of Sarojini market,so no matter how much energy you lose while finding your perfect dress,you wouldn’t starve.

4)If you know how to bargain,you are the boss – We all have that one friend who pays 250 for something that had the price 700 initially at Sarojini. I mean it’s okay,it’s only fair to brag.

5)You can find almost anything you have in your mind – Want a shirt dress? Sarojini. Wrap around skirt? Sarojini. Printed scarf? Sarojini.

6)You can find the most unique clothes – There are several theories about how and why you find some of the most unique clothes in Sarojini. Some say they are factory rejects,some say they have minor defects,some say they belong to the dead.

7)Along with clothes,the shoes,accessories and bags are pretty kickass too – Stars wala scarf? hai madam. Studs waale bag? hai madam. Wood wali jewellery? hai madam. Lady Gaga ki 9 inch wali heel? hai madam.

8) Some things are available at literally throwaway prices. Not Kidding– Call it ‘Export surplus’ or other theories,there are things here literally at throwaway prices. Literally at the price of a bag of chips.
9)Don’t be surprised to find clothes which look exactly like the designer ones – We are not fans of plagiarism,but sometimes our heart fixes itself on a materialistic piece of love and if we find its super cheap first cousin,we might not regret buying it from Sarojini!

10) We all have our favourite Adda to buy our kind of clothes – Every delhiite knows exactly which shop to raid when the will to buy something you love strikes. We know this market by heart,and can chalk down it’s map even when we are half asleep.
It might be congested,crowded and a little crazy,but,Sarojini has been the paradise for every college girl wanting an insane number of clothes,for every working woman wanting to squeeze a little more number of outfits in her constrained budget and every school going kid’s one stop before the big hunt for the perfect suit,bangles and shoes for the teacher’s day celebration. It has been the market where you can shop like a shop-a-holic when on a low budget and splurge like a queen when you get your first salary. With a market so close to our hearts,tell us,how can we not love it?

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