Reviewdelhi October 22, 2017

Yeti-The Himalyan Kitchen has always been a favourite as it serves regional himalyan cuisine which is authentic, simple yet so flavourful.

The menu at yeti gives the diners a chance to explore and savour the cuisine from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

Now the good news – Yeti is back in hauz khaz village and how!

The delicious food and good service combined with the soulful music is sure to leave you happy. Yeti has come back with the same comfortingly similar food served to match your expectations.

The dishes that we loved were

Aloo ko Achaar-a tangy and spicy potato pickle,with a prominent flavour of nutty sesame. The cold potato with the spicy paste works wonderfully well.

Crispy Spinach with Tingmo and Aloo Ko Achaar

Crispy Fried Spinach with Tingmo-Fried spinach served with steamed bread called tingmo.The soft Tingo perfectly balances the crunch of the spinach,which has a beautiful texture due to the frying and coarse salt.

The Momos available with vegetarian and non vegetarian fillings at Yeti are definitely the juiciest and most succulent momos ever. You must try the Aloo Momos here – I had never tried them before (or even heard of them) but the potato filling was smooth and creamy and was quickly added to our list of favourites at Yeti.

Yeti the Himalayan kitchen
Veg Momos

Mushroom Datchi-The famous Bhutanese dish is cheesy and can be eaten with tingmo or rice.

Another must try is their ema Datchi which is a combination of slit green chillies,capsicum and cheese.

Mushroom in black bean paste-Sliced mushrooms are cooked in a thick black bean paste and are to be eaten with Tingmo.

Yeti the Himalayan kitchen

Yeti Veg Platter-The veg platter consists of aloo Sadeko, bhuteko channa, wai wai Sadeko and  Tingmo. The food is extremely simple and that is the USP of this place.

Yeti the Himalayan kitchen
Yeti Veg Platter

The Veg Thakali Thali– The thali has paneer/mushroom, rai ko saag, dal, gundruk sadeko, piroo aloo, vegetables, rice,curd, pickle and papad.This sumptuous thali is homestyle and full of flavours.

The non veg version of this thali consists of chicken/mutton/pork instead of paneer/mushroom.

Yeti the Himalayan kitchen
Veg Thakali Thali

They have a variety of beverages to sip such as shakes, seasonal fruit juices, iced tea, Tibetan yak butter tea.

Yeti the Himalayan kitchen
Chocolate Milkshake

For desserts we had the Yomari which are steamed rice dumplings with a generous filling of nutella, scoring on taste and innovation.

Yeti the Himalayan kitchen

With the relaunch of Yeti in Hauz khas village, we have our evenings sorted. The beautifully simple decor combined with food that gets full marks for flavour and taste,Yeti is sure to impress you. A visit to Yeti is must visit for their authentic Himalayan Cuisine!

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